Polyurethane Baydur® 60

Baydur® 60 is a technopolymer foam for RIM (Reaction Injection Moulding) mouldings obtained when the two base components polyol and isocyanate are combined.

In the rigid structural Polyurethane family Baydur® 60 is a material with a density of between 550 gDm³ and 650 g/Dm³ characterised by the typical sandwich structure with a stiff outer shell and a low density core.

Compact rigid polyurethane is particularly recommended for items of medium/large dimensions and thanks to the balance between high stiffness and low weight, it is in items of consistent weight that its potential is maximised.

Being able to merge a variety of thicknesses in the same moulded part (within a certain range internally) there is a series of advantages among which are the reduction of time required for design which leads to a reduction of costs for the design and the mould.

Another trait of PU60, not to be undermined, is its high resistance to thermal deformation; thanks to this characteristic this material is ideal for use in lighting or vending machines (professional coffee machines), where the temperature at hand can reach over 100º C.

Recommended uses of Baydur® 60:

  • Outer casings of coffee machines.
  • Outer casings of large dimensions for electro-medical equipment.
  • Portable machines for beauticians.
  • Totem multimedia.

Main characteristics:

  • moulding density 550-700 gr/dm 3
  • optimal thickness 5-20mm
  • ease of design (different thicknesses within the same pieces)
  • high resistance to wear and tear
  • Fire-retardant to V.O. ratings, UL certified [ www.ul.com ]

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