January 2017

ALL-IN-ONE POLYURETHANE: from the design to the finished product

The device for which RGS was asked to give an attractive-practical contribution is an automated analyzer for clinical chemistry and turbidimetry. The device is manufactured for Human Gesellschaft für Biochemica und Diagnostica mbH, a German company world leader in the IVD industry for over forty years.


The equipment completes the existing product range, while maintaining the family feeling of the entire line.

The design of the attractive-practical casing uses the enormous potential of rigid structural polyurethane a hard-wearing and versatile material, where everything becomes possible, even the most articulated and complex projects.

The structural polyurethane and suitable design have made it possible to build this tool larger than any prevoiusly made, solving problems related to using other materials.

Objectives and customer requirements

  • Obtaining a “monocoque”, to be mounted on the finished device, like a mere shell
  • More attractive and clean whilst maintaining the same feel and look
  • Reducing final assembly times between the body and the electronic base


  • Hard-wearing
  • Attractive
  • Practical
  • Good visibility and access to the work area
  • Low maintenance
  • Clean

Design and special details

To satisfy demands and overcome the technological feasibility limits, RGS Europa has made use of Schaffer and Concas’ valuable experience in design, and with whom we have worked with for many years.


The synergy between these two companies has had a key role in designing and proposing an “assembled monocoque solution.”

Given the size of the machine (85 cm x 62 cm x H 49 cm), as well as the weight (approximately 55 Kg.) and due to the shape of the object, it was not possible to form a single formed unit; instead it was necessary to divide it into several parts to be assembled later.

RGS Europe divided the shell into 10 easily mouldable parts, selecting for each of them the right formulated Bayer (certificate UL94 V0), taking into account the thickness and technical needs. The 10 parts were grouped into 6 moulds, therefore some of which were multi-figure, in order to reduce costs and optimize production.

Moreover exploiting the characteristics and the robustness of the rigid polyurethane it has been possible to eliminate the use of internal frames; also a large window made of Lexan on the front allows complete visibility of the work area.


The studied division of the monocoque took into account the subsequent assembly steps in order to overcome the main “criteria”: the difficulty and unsightliness of “joining” together the parts.

The absolute dimensional precision, typical to stamping with aluminum moulds, as well as the precision and care in the design, have all contributed to the couplings, and alignments, studying the appropriate joining lines and shutters.

Thereby it has been possible to:

  • eliminate the frame (the structure is self-supporting)
  • create easy and quick assembly
  • be more accurate
  • be more attractive
  • improve performance related to strength and resistance

Finishing and assembly


The exterior aesthetic impact, while maintaining the same look and feel of the existing product line, available in the three colours chosen by the customer and suitable for a medical environment, obtaining a remarkable result in terms of precision, robustness and elegance; the interior has been finished technically and cleanly.

The front window was completed by a panel in Lexan, silk screen printed and glues on, which allows you to see inside, giving the device elegance.

The assembly of the unit’s components is done entirely by RGS Europa, this allows significant and tangible benefits for our customers:

  • improving transportation
  • reducing time and costs
  • exclusive focus on the electronic components

It has some removable parts for inspections and maintenance: such parts are easily removable thanks to the use of magnets and fasteners, which help the operation but at the same time maintain appropriate safety measures during work.

A tried and tested process, of RGS Europa, able to manage in a serious, professional, efficient and effective way the entire production process, from design to mould making, from moulding the  finish assembly to delivering the final product to the customer.

For information about the technology, the potential of RGS Europa or simply to submit your idea, you can contact our technical sales department at the following address: direzione.commerciale@rgseuropa.it.