Aluminium moulds

A sector with a high technological profile, high pressure moulding of stiff polyurethane is the strong point of RGS Europa’s production and used for moulding with Baydur®60, Baydur®110 and Baydur®CSP.

High technical specialisation, expertise in the development of moulds and constant equipment modernising allow the firm to stand out in its field.

The innovative high-pressure systems combined with efficient foaming heads warrant correct mixing of the components.

Keeping the temperature of each mould within very fine tolerances ensures a correct chemical reaction and a constant shake out time during mass production.

The cycle time varies depending on the type of Baydur® used: longer times for expanded and lighter materials like Baydur®60, shorter times for non-expanded and heavier materials like Baydur®110.

The result: moulded parts with impeccable quality in terms of appearance and technical and functional features.

The choice of high-pressure moulds is the ideal solution for the more complex projects.

Resin moulds

Low-pressure moulding using resin moulds is ideal for exploiting the potential of Baydur®40 and Alpapur®40.  Made using a CNC-milled full-scale pattern, unlike the aluminium mould, the life of the resin mould is limited in time.

For this reason, it is the ideal solution for productions limited to a few hundred pieces or for large-sized products.

RGS Europa’s many years of experience in the field of stiff polyurethane has made it possible to exploit the know-how acquired from moulding using aluminium moulds for application, with suitable expedients, to resin moulds.
A simple technology that reconciles competitive prices and fairly good productivity levels.

RGS Group

Know-how and integrated solutions for greater competitiveness

RGS Group, a network of selected and specialized companies in parallel and complementary fields to the world of structural polyurethane that can offer the customer a finished turnkey product.
Right from the design, we can help companies and designer studios in the first and delicate phase, contributing with our experience and our sector specialization to define (co-design) complete projects both from the point of view of the design and from the point of view of engineering.