Polyurethane: creativity discovers new forms


Rgs Europa has proven experience as a partner providing innovative solutions for rigid polyurethane moulding (Rigid Polyurethane Foam, Compact Rigid Polyurethane). Warranty of high quality, attention to detail and constant technological research.


New developments in design combine with the infinite potentials of polyurethane to create attractive and functional products. Soft lines and complex geometries for objects shaped to perfectly adapt to your ideas.


There are countless fields of application for this material which brilliantly solves numerous technical problems, guaranteeing at the same time economic solutions. Growing numbers of companies are discovering the unique qualities and the versatility of polyurethane.

Know-how and integrated solutions for greater competitiveness

RGS Group, a network of selected and specialized companies in parallel and complementary fields to the world of structural polyurethane that can offer the customer a finished turnkey product.

Right from the design, we can help companies and designer studios in the first and delicate phase, contributing with our experience and our sector specialization to define (co-design) complete projects both from the point of view of the design and from the point of view of engineering.