RGS Europa: the Italian leader in the moulding of Baydur® structural polyurethane for the past 30 years


Launch – 1988: Bruttini Forme Contemporanee is one of the first three Italian companies to mould Baydur®60 (Bayer) structural polyurethane foam for furnishings.


New vision – 1993: Mr Raugei becomes a shareholder of the Company and the Company expands its reach to the electromedical sector.


Expansion – 1995: Mr Raugei acquires 100% of the Company. The Company is among the first in Italy to introduce Baydur®110, a new material that enables the Company to move into new sectors and significantly increase sales.


Acquisition – 2000: Mr Raugei acquires a second company specialized in structural polyurethane moulding with resin moulds. This new business provides a further competitive edge that enables the group to expand and differentiate its offering.


New brans – 2006: A continuously evolving business and an international vision lead to the merging of the two companies and the creation of RGS Europa.


Certification – 2007: RGS Europa inaugurates a new production site in Colle di Val d’Elsa and obtains ISO9001 and ISO14000 certifications. A third production line is created, thereby doubling production capacity.


New frontier – 2013: RGS Europa introduces, for the first time in Italy, Baydur®, an innovative formula certified for foodstuff application, opening a new frontier in the use of polyurethane.


RGS Group – 2015: RGS Europa creates a network of selected businesses that are specialized in parallel sectors and complementary to structural polyurethane, in an effort to offer clients a turnkey finished product.


Growth – 2016: RGS Europa achieves important results by maintaining constant sales growth and strengthening its leadership position in the Italian market. Consolidated clientele in Italy and abroad in more than 15 industry sectors.


New location – 2018: RGS Europa acquires a new 800 sqm property initially used as a mould storage and maintenance facility.


Empowerment -2019: RGS Europa has approved plans to install an additional production line in the new business area that will increase production capacity by roughly 25%.


Future: The Company is already planning further uses for its organizational structure and is working to introduce new technologies and offer increasingly full-range, precise, innovative, and high-performance services.


RGS Group

Know-how and integrated solutions for greater competitiveness

RGS Group, a network of selected and specialized companies in parallel and complementary fields to the world of structural polyurethane that can offer the customer a finished turnkey product.
Right from the design, we can help companies and designer studios in the first and delicate phase, contributing with our experience and our sector specialization to define (co-design) complete projects both from the point of view of the design and from the point of view of engineering.