What is the difference between rigid polyurethane and injection molding?

The main difference is in the equipment required for the molding process. In the case of polyurethane the mold is plain, it may even be made of resin with significant cost saving. In the case of ABS, the mold is generally made of steel or other material suitable to withstand great molding pressures, which means that manufacturing costs are considerably high.
Another substantial difference is in the production lots. While in the case of polyurethane it may be cost-effective to mold even small batches. e.g. 100 pieces at a time, ABS requires large volumes to amortize the set-up cost of the mold .
Additionally, with polyurethane it is possible to mold even large-size parts without incurring very costly investments.

Is it more economical to mold small or large size parts?

The larger the part, the more cost-effective and competitive is rigid polyurethane technology compared with other molding techniques.


Are there polyurethanes that are certified self-extinguishing ?

Yes, most polyurethanes exist in UL (Underwriter Laboratories) certified V0 self-extinguishing version.

Polyurethane molding or RIM molding?

Actually, polyurethane molding is an RIM (Reaction Injection Molding) technology. Polyurethane is generated by a chemical reaction that takes place inside the mold.

Can metal components be introduced directly in the mold?

Yes, in fact it is a very common process to obtain products with threaded inserts or other metal components useful to resolve coupling problems between parts or to improve the overall hardness of the molded part.

Is this material suitable for outdoor applications?

Yes, polyurethane is an excellent material for outdoor applications; in particular it is completely UV-proof and unassailable by atmospheric agents in general.

Is V0 certified polyurethane also V5 certified?

Yes, since V0 requirements are stricter than V5 requirements.

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