April 2014

Design & Polyurethane, a new business

Functionality, elegance, mass-reproducibility, inexpensiveness and sturdiness are the basic traits of modern design.

Moulded stiff polyurethane has become the material through which design best expresses itself, making it possible to innovate the concept and industrialisation of chairs and contemporary furnishing complements, characterised by lightness and versatility.

Many internationally renowned designers and manufacturers are currently applying in their new projects innovative technologies capable of keeping pace with the most creative ideas and daring designs.


Polyurethane is, by nature, a ductile and resistant material, both light and sturdy, that permits the inclusion and combination of different materials. This results in a reinforced structure and reduced assembly times, with a consequent cut in production costs.

RGS Europa, a company specialised in stiff polyurethane moulding, uses mostly Baydur® polyurethane that, in the class VO fire-retardant version, fully meets the safety requirements for public places. Furthermore, being weather-proof, it is widely used for outdoor furniture.

RGS Europa’s design-oriented philosophy, advanced know-how, engineering skill and long experience in the sector of stiff polyurethane moulding are the features that have allowed the company to establish itself on the market as a leading manufacturer and a reliable and highly specialised partner.
Each and every project is the object of great care to detail since the very beginning, from the consulting stage to the following, delicate stage that involves the creation of the moulds. The solutions adopted lead to a more efficient moulding and industrialisation process, without neglecting design, beauty and elegance of shapes.