Polyurethane advantages

Hard-wearing, practical, versatile, insulating, polyurethane can be coated and perfectly integrated with all other materials, and is a material that offers considerable technical and aesthetical benefits.

The excellent smoothness and uniformity of polyurethane also make it eminently suitable for making large-sized objects and those of varying thickness at a very reasonable cost. By using aluminium alloy moulds it is possible to achieve considerable savings on initial investments thus making rigid polyurethane technology more competitive for medium-sized runs than other injection moulding methods.


  • it offers excellent resistance to mechanical stresses
  • it has a good surface hardness
  • when coated with halogen-free fire-retardant products, it is highly flame-proof
  • it is also resistant to adverse weather conditions
  • even where ribbed and reinforced pieces are concerned, there are never any shrinkage cavities and warping
  • it guarantees chemical inertia upon contact with very many organic and inorganic substances (including the most common acids)
  • it has excellent electrical and heat insulating characteristics
  • it offers a surface that can be fully coated with all kinds of coverings, including conductive paints
  • it permits inserts in metal or other materials to be sunk into articles during moulding
  • it can be disposed of as non-hazardous inert waste
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