Case Histories

Professional hair styling appliance

Sector: Hair styling

Description: Professional hair styling appliance

Project name: RGS 008032A

Year: 2008

Material used: Baydur®60, Baydur®110

Type of mold: Aluminium (4 moulds, 1 of which  is double figure)
Design: The most difficult parts to engineer were the knob supports.
It was necessary to make three versions of sophisticatedly shaped knob supports, with inner undercuts. Taking into account the actual size of the piece, it was necessary to make a three-figure resin mould with a mobile wall to eliminate the three undercuts with a single movement.

The perfect geometries of the cart door, made with an aluminium mould where the magnets used to close the door are co-moulded, was fundamental.
Benefit: The door was previously made from fibreglass, implicating numerous assembly problems that required the presence of highly specialised technicians to register the hinges.

A perfect example of the potential that stiff polyurethane can offer companies like ours, solving technical difficulties and simultaneously combining practicality with refined aesthetics.

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