Case Histories

Ophthalmological surgery equipment

Sector: Electromedical

Description: Ophthalmological surgery equipment

Project name: RGS05017

Year: 2007

Material used: Baydur 40

Mold: 6 resin molds

Design: The engineering process was conducted entirely in-house, based on an initial thermoforming project which was then transformed to allow polyurethane molding. Careful research and design led to the creation of an outstanding product also from an esthetic point of view. Through the use of polyurethane, we were able to obtain perfectly interchangeable crankcases with an excellent balance of esthetics and function.
An innovative approach at the design stage led to the creation of an inside tray using two identical half trays, which are then assembled with considerable cost saving in making the mold. All the components, including the fittings and permanent screws, are provided as a single kit in one package, so that assembly time is considerably reduced.

Benefit: Cutting-edge design and innovative appearance. Assembly time reduced from 6 to 2 hours per machine.

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