Case Histories

Ceiling fixturet

Sector: Lighting design

Description: Ceiling fixturet

Project name: RGS08029

Material used: Baydur 60

Year: 2009

Weight: 12 kg

Mold: 1 hydraulic removal aluminium mold
Design: The largest mold ever made by RGS was designed for a unique decoration object: a ring-shaped lamp with a diameter of 1500 mm. Accurate technical analysis and project engineering allowed our designers to create a seamless ring using a single mold, one of the few ever made in this size. Applying careful technical analysis from the early stages of the project, they found a solution able to combine design, function and serial reproducibility, three requirements which are generally in conflict with each other.

Benefit: The bearing structure of the fixture consists of a single piece. The absence of seams results in a perfectly smooth, easy to paint surface. A plain, pure design product of great visual impact, combining esthetics, function and serial reproducibility.

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