Case Histories

Appliance for gas anaesthesia

Sector: Electromedical

Description: Appliance for gas anaesthesia

Project name: RGS 10035A

Year: 2010

Material used: Baydur®60

Type of mold: Aluminium (4 moulds, 1 of which is double figure)

Design: An innovative computerised anaesthesia workstation which brings this leading company to use polyurethane technology for the first time, discovering a versatile and highly aesthetic material which allows immense creative freedom to the designers. A compact and ergonomic design fully exploits the ductility of the material, to respond fully to the functional needs of the  workstation.
Benefit: The choice of Baydur®60 has made it possible to convey lightness to the product, while retaining characteristics of strength, stability and safety and making the Morpheus particularly robust, manageable and easy to use.
Meticulous attention to the design phase has allowed RGS Europa to make the entire structure using just 4 aluminium moulds, of which one is a double figure mould, optimising costs.


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