Case Histories

Appliance for body-care treatments

Sector: Medical wellness

Description: Appliance for body-care treatments

Project name: RGS 07076A

Material used: Baydur®60, Baydur®110

Year: 2008

Type of mold: Aluminium (6 moulds, 2 of which are multi-impression)
Design: Made in a body with three large moulded Baydur®60 shells and smaller, more complexly shaped components moulded in Baydur®110.

An appliance for body-care treatments, it responds innovatively and originally to the fundamental requirements of ergonomics, safe handling and hygiene, insofar as the entire surface of the cart can be easily examined.
Benefit: Aluminium moulds and a high-pressure moulding technique have been used, obtaining parts with excellent quality and reproducibility that can be painted perfectly in glass and matt textured finishes.

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