Rigid polyurethane

Rigid polyurethane is a technopolymer for RIM (Reaction Injection Moulding) mouldings obtained through the polyaddition reaction of two basic components, polyol and isocyanate.

PU can be moulded to a vast range of densities, allowing for it to be used in a wide variety of applications, offering versatility in the design and freedom in the planning, guaranteeing higher mechanical and thermal performances, combining aesthetics and functionality into one component.

Particularly appropriate for medium-large dimensions, PU assures unlimited design possibilities, such as, easily painted resistant outer surfaces, the possibility of putting metal inserts into the mould, higher dimensional precision, stability in temperature variations, lasting durability and all this at economic prices.

The use of rigid polyurethane requires the production of an aluminium mould which is durable, quickly produced and at an economic price.

Polyurethane is used in diverse market sectors, from furniture to electronics, from coffee machines to electro-medical equipment, from lighting to the nautical industry, from vending machines to ATMs.

Looking at the details closer we can subdivide the large family of rigid polyurethanes into two principle subfamilies: rigid polyurethane foam and compact rigid polyurethane.

RGS Group

Know-how and integrated solutions for greater competitiveness

RGS Group, a network of selected and specialized companies in parallel and complementary fields to the world of structural polyurethane that can offer the customer a finished turnkey product.
Right from the design, we can help companies and designer studios in the first and delicate phase, contributing with our experience and our sector specialization to define (co-design) complete projects both from the point of view of the design and from the point of view of engineering.