Rigid polyurethane foam

Rigid polyurethane foam is a technopolymer for RIM (Reaction Injection Moulding) mouldings obtained through the combination of two basic components, polyol and isocyanate.

In the rigid structural Polyurethane family, rigid polyurethane foam is a material with a density of between 550 g/Dm³ and 650 g/Dm³ characterised by the typical sandwich structure with a stiff outer shell and a low density core.

Rigid polyurethane foam is particularly recommended for items of medium-large dimensions and thanks to the balance between high stiffness and low weight, it is in items of consistent weight that it’s potential is maximised.

Being able to merge a variety of thicknesses in the same moulded part (within a certain range on the inside) there is a series of advantages among which is the reduction of time required for design which leads to a reduction in costs for the design and the mould.