Polyurethane Baydur® 110

Baydur® 110 is a compact technopolymer for RIM (Reaction Injection Moulding) mouldings which we get by combining two base elements, polyol and isocyanate.

In the rigid structural Polyurethane family Baydur® 110 is a compact material with a density of 1050 g/Dm³ with high performances; it is particularly recommended for use where there is need for ergonomics, solidity, mechanical resistance and shock absorption.

The characteristics of solid rigid polyurethane are; higher technical and aesthetic content, high productivity and stiffness even at low thickness levels (3-8 mm), notable reaction speed and quick moulding cycles.

Recommended uses of Baydur® 110:

  • Supporting frames for LCD monitors.
  • Outer casings in general (electro-medical, electronic industry).
  • Structural platforms subject to high levels of wear and tear.
  • Seats and back rests for chairs and stools.

Main characteristics:

  • moulding density 1050 gr/dm 3
  • favourable thicknesses 3-8mm
  • higher stiffness levels
  • good mechanical resistance
  • fire-retardant to V.O. ratings, UL certified [ www.ul.com ]

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