Social responsibility policy

Aware that commitment to employees is pivotal to development, RGS Europa s.r.l. intends to begin its Social Responsibility System certification process in accordance with the SA8000 standard and fulfil the requirements under the SA8000 standard (Social Accountability) for the two-year period of 2006 – 2007.
By virtue of the economic, social and political context in which it operates, the company recognises the great importance of social commitment and the responsibilities that follow, both in its daily operations and prospective strategies.

This means acknowledging the importance of correctly and transparently managing human resources and raising awareness among Management, suppliers, employees, and all of the company’s external collaborators on the principles of Social Responsibility established in the SA8000 standard.

More specifically, the company is deeply committed to:

  • complying with current national regulations, conventions and recommendations of the ILO and the UN;
  • rejecting practices that violate human rights in general and those of workers in particular (disciplinary procedures that consist of corporal punishment and/or mental or physical coercion, child labour, and discrimination in the workplace);
  • promoting and improving safety conditions and the physical and psychological well-being of collaborators with both preventative and corrective action;
  • involving all goods, activities and service suppliers, and ensuring their commitment to social responsibility and compliance with all of the standards of reference;
  • upholding and supporting Social Responsibility principles;
  • involving all personnel and stakeholders (suppliers in particular) by divulging the Policy, social responsibility principles, and the results expected and obtained from the Social Responsibility System.

The collaboration of all of the company’s interested parties, both internal and external, is needed to periodically monitor and continuously improve the Social Responsibility System. This ongoing improvement is essential to the company’s growth. RGS Europa s.r.l. fulfils its commitment by planning and implementing internal inspections as well as defining and monitoring special process indicators that are analysed during the management’s six-monthly Re-examination of the Social Responsibility Management System. The Re-examination is an opportunity to define Actions for improvement.

RGS Europa s.r.l. understands the importance of involving all stakeholders and is willing to receive and arrange meetings with all interested parties to verify the activities of RGS Europa s.r.l. concerning the Social Responsibility Management System.

This Social Responsibility Policy is communicated to all interested parties through periodical meetings and training sessions for all employees and externally so that this can contribute to improving the general management conditions and give value to human resources.

Colle Val D’Elsa, 27/02/07

Eng. Gabriele Raugei