Quality policy

Systematic, transparent and united management is required to manage the organisation and ensure that it operates successfully. To that end, implementing the Quality management system, which conforms to the EU EN ISO 9001 ed. 2008 standard, represents a strategic decision by RGS Europa to ensure the fulfilment of product requirements, planning processes and the organisational structure while leading the agency progressively towards CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT OF SERVICES.

Management encourages quality and supports the organisation’s commitment to fulfilling the requirements of the Quality management system, continuously improving effectiveness, managing knowledge and communication (providing the right person with the right information at the right time), and promoting the participation of all human resources, while giving value to personal aptitudes and professional training.

Management considers the following to be vital to organisational improvement:



1. Flexibility regarding clients requests

  • Delivery times

2. Observance of agreed terms of delivery

  • Timing for the creation of new products

3. Quality level that exceeds clients’ expectations

  • Programming system and production controls

4. Correct production programming

  • Work methods conform to UNI EN ISO 9001:08 and company procedures

5. High company image

  • Maintenance of an effective and efficient quality system
  • Cooperation with suppliers
  • Respect on the part of all interested parties for company development and growth


Management guarantees that Quality management system audits will be carried out regularly to verify that the system is implemented and effective in order to achieve the precise objectives and plan appropriate corrective and improvement actions.

Personnel are requested to comply with the Quality Manual and procedures.

With the knowledge that measure is the key, if one does not measure one cannot control, if one does not control one cannot manage, if one does not manage one cannot improve, starting from 2007, Management intends to encourage a methodological approach within the organisation by systematically collecting and analysing information.

Quality commitments are translated into an annual OBJECTIVES, MEASURABLE INDICATORS AND ACHIEVEMENT plan based on a structural framework that correlates the commitments expressed in this policy to the organisation’s objectives assigned to relevant levels of the organisational structure.

Management undertakes to make suitable resources and means available so that the established objectives and goals may be achieved, in terms of competency, tools, information and economic and financial resources, and will carry out monitoring activities to ensure that these are constantly adequate.

In order to promote awareness and understanding, Management illustrates the Quality policy to directors, who in turn encourage awareness on the role the individual plays in attaining quality objectives. The Quality policy is posted on special notice boards for the information of all personnel.

The Quality policy is re-examined periodically (when Management undergoes re-examination and changes to the Quality management system are made) in order to ascertain whether it is suitable and, if necessary, it is reviewed.

Colle Val D’Elsa, 03/11/09

Eng. Gabriele Raugei

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