RGS Europa, the new company resulting from the merger between Bruttini and RGS, continues the long tradition of these two companies in the area of rigid polyurethane moulding. The experience and expertise of the staff are guarantees of high quality, attention to detail and constant technological research.Set up in 1988 as Bruttini, the company was one of Bayer’s first Italian partners for the use of the then brand new rigid polyurethane technology.

In 1992 Gabriele Raugei, the current president of RGS Europa, joined the company bringing new life to it. The potentials of the material and the wide range of fields of application led to constant growth of the company and an increasingly greater specialisation in technical polyurethane moulding.

In 1995 Bruttini made its entry into the field of resin moulds when it took over RGS, a small enterprise in the area of Siena. This new business provided a further competitive edge permitting the group to expand and differentiate the products it offers.

Gradual transformation from a small non-industrial enterprise to a full-scale industrial manufacturer led to further developments in the organisational structure culminating with the setting up of RGS Europa, looking increasingly to the international market for its business.

The extensive experience and reliability of the consolidated staff of the company are now located in the brand new company headquarters: 2,500 sq. meters of indoor facilities, 2,000 of which are used for production, 200 for the mould storage facilities, 150 for services and 150 for offices.