Functional Organization

  • Research and Development: Developing new polyurethane formulas and finding innovative ways to improve and optimize moulding and painting processes.
  • Quality Assurance: Guarantee over time of product reproducibility according to the quality standards defined with the client.
  • RGS Project Management Assistance (RGS PMA): Support to clients in designing and identifying the best solutions.
  • Foreign sales office: Professional and expert management of even the most complex projects at every stage.
  • Sales Office: Structured team of experienced and technically fluent sales staff working to provide continuous support to clients.
  • Planning Office: Order management, production planning, customer communication management and after-sales assistance.
  • Production: Moulding, painting, assembly, final testing of the product. Product quality assessment at every stage of production.

Structural Organization

  • Moulding department with 5 production lines
  • Deburring and sanding department
  • Coating Department
  • Special WORKs and assembly department
  • Testing department
  • Packing and shipping department
  • Systems and mould maintenance workshop
  • Mould warehouse 1
  • Mould warehouse 2
RGS Group

Know-how and integrated solutions for greater competitiveness

RGS Group, a network of selected and specialized companies in parallel and complementary fields to the world of structural polyurethane that can offer the customer a finished turnkey product.
Right from the design, we can help companies and designer studios in the first and delicate phase, contributing with our experience and our sector specialization to define (co-design) complete projects both from the point of view of the design and from the point of view of engineering.