Environmental policy

RGS Europa considers the Environment an essential part of its entrepreneurial strategy.

Management’s greatest commitment is to prevent non-compliance, while optimising the organisation of job management and guaranteeing constant supervision of processes and activities that are in any way connected to the Environment. This with the aim to constantly monitor and improve the efficiency of processes and environmental services.

For this purpose, an Environmental management system has been put in place in compliance with ISO 14001 ed. 2004.

Management prioritises, above all else, pollution prevention, and therefore respect for the environment which is given constant and continuous attention with the objective of guaranteeing its preservation.

RGS Europa commits to respecting enforceable legal prescriptions and other prescriptions that the organisation endorses and that concern the environment.

In harmony with this objective, Management intends to lead the company toward continuous organisational and methodological growth. In this sense, certification from an accredited body of the Environmental management system represents a fundamental and important step.

Towards this end, management plans and carries out ongoing involvement, training and refresher activities for personnel at all levels and particularly personnel performing activities that relate to the Environment.

Thus, personnel are asked to comply with the Environmental manual and attached documentation while carrying out their activities.

The Environmental Policy undertakings are translated each year into a circumscribed and measurable plan of objectives. To achieve these objectives, management commits to providing all the necessary resources and support.

In particular, steps are taken to reduce waste and conserve energy.

To this end, Management appoints the Manager of the Environmental management policy as the sole person responsible for maintaining and improving the Environmental management system in view of the predetermined objectives.

The Manager of the Environmental management system will audit the Environmental management system on a regular basis in order to verify its proper functioning and determine if any adjustments are necessary.

Management undertakes to re-examine the suitability of the Environmental policy at least once a year and give indications as to possible corrections and/or improvements to be made to its structure.

Furthermore, during the re-examination, Management verifies that the annual objectives of the Environmental policy have been met and analyses any irregularities. During this time, the current Environmental policy is also re-analysed to verify its adequacy.

To ensure awareness and understanding of the Environmental policy, management meets with all personnel annually to provide all the information and clarifications that might be needed. The meetings are minuted by the Manager of the Environmental management system using the “Meeting Minutes” form.

Colle Val D’Elsa, 04/09/07

Eng. Gabriele Raugei

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