Appliance for non-invasive liposculpture treatments

Description: Appliance for non-invasive liposculpture treatments

Project name: RGS 09074A

Material used: Baydur®60

Year: 2009

Type of mold: Aluminium (3 moulds)

Design: Moulded threaded inserts, threaded recovery inserts and co-moulded centesimal bushes have been inserted directly into the single components, calibrating them to the use proposed. The characteristic spider shape combines perfect functionality and aesthetics. The radiating body, keyed onto a motorised shaft, rotates in relation to the main body with centesimal precision, thanks to a bush fitted especially into the mould and incorporated into the polyurethane foam.
Benefit: Mechanical resistance, thanks to Baydur®110 components, which better respond to mechanical stress while retaining fine thicknesses.
Thermal resistance of the parts subject to a greatest thermal stress, which are made using a special type of Baydur®60, capable of easily withstanding the temperatures in excess of 100° C reached during use.

Meticulous technical analysis has enabled RGS Europa to make 8 components in both versions (wall-mounted and free-standing) in just 3 multi-impression aluminium moulds, optimising moulding costs and time.

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